Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stupidity right on Independence Day

It was the stupidity that done by the educated member of the honorable country, Indonesia. It was the new shape of colonialism on the day of Indonesian anniversary when they were celebrating the liberty itself. They paraded in weird dress like an illiterate people, wearing a helmet of plastic ball or a plastic bailer, while some of their parents watched them with worrisome. They will do everything that ordered by their senior such as dancing or singing like a crazy, otherwise they’ll be sealed as intruder and indisciplined. This a picture of the modern colonialism that happened in the independent country.

Early morning of August 17, 2007 i woke up and prepared my self to go to my school, where i have been teaching for 2 years, in order to perform flag ceremony with my students. After warming up my old Tiger I rushed towards my school passing an eminent university in my place. I was blocked by a parade of college students who wore odd dress and held a stick of wasted wood. In the name of ‘orientation’ they rage the new students and fool them. What made me sad was such useless activity of old tradition still alive in this modern era and it was happened in a famous educational institution where we produce the future leaders of this poor but blessed nation.

They wore some unknown attributes made of rubbish and unrelated instrument. But some of them were undressed in the open air and chill morning. The area was crowded with students from different faculties and the parents who worried with the activity that may endanger their child as it had occurred in different places of the country. We can recall some news on the paper about those unexpected event. Not only dangerous to the health but it already taken some lives. I believe the controversial events of IPDN cases still remained fresh in our mind. Can we eradicate this useless old tradition with another alternative or useful activities?

Baca lengkap......



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